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2021 China PCB industry status and trends

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China is the world's largest printed circuit board output value of the country
China is the world's largest printed circuit board output value of the country.
At present, the PCB output value in Asia is close to 90% of the world, of which the fastest growing is China and Southeast Asia.
Since 2000, the global PCB production capacity continues to shift to China. 2006, China surpassed Japan to become the world's largest PCB producer, its production and output value are the world's first. This is because of China's huge domestic market, low labor costs and the advantages of perfect industrial support.
Domestic PCB layout.
According to statistics, about 90% of the total output value of PCBs in mainland China is the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region. In recent years, due to labor costs in coastal areas, environmental protection requirements continue
 to improve the impact of factors such as PCB industry is gradually moving from these developed areas of electronic technology to the mainland provinces and cities with better industrial conditions.
Although the competitiveness of most domestic PCB manufacturers still lies in the low-end products, but some manufacturers have gradually entered the supply chain of large international customers Apple.
In the general trend of gradually shifting production capacity to the domestic market, Chinese manufacturers need at least 2 years to become manufacturers of high-end PCB products.
In 2019, the leading domestic market share of just under 2%. At present, the purely domestic domestic manufacturers are small, but the growth rate is much faster than other peers, the industry concentration is gradually rising. In the context of industry consolidation, the future is expected to appear in the tens of billions of domestic manufacturers.
Domestic PCB industry trends.
In the next few years, the PCB industry in mainland China will continue to maintain a compound growth rate of 3.7%, the industry's total output value is expected to reach $ 35.686 billion in 2022.
In the era of smart phones and wearable devices used in large numbers today, the development of PCB tends to miniaturization and high density. China's PCB industry should focus on improving their own technology and improve the ability to manufacture high-end boards.
At the same time, with the PCB company "large-scale, centralized" trend, large PCB companies will have a greater advantage in the future global market competition. And small factories with limited funds, it is more difficult to improve the process technology, bargaining power is weak, profit space will continue to be squeezed.

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