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RDA announced the release of MCU WiFi chip RDA5981

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Just as China Semiconductor's annual event IC CHINA 2016 was held in Shanghai

Just as China Semiconductor's annual event IC CHINA 2016 was held in Shanghai, the company's RDA Microelectronics (hereinafter referred to as "RDA") announced the release of a fully integrated low power WiFi chip RDA5981. The chip can reduce the size of equipment, development costs and power consumption, while improving the equipment's computing power, security capabilities and other features. The RDA5981 is a fully integrated, low-power WiFi chip that supports the 802.11 b/g/n HT20/40 mode. The ARM CortexM4 is integrated into the RDA5981, providing developers with a high-capacity, configurable chip available memory (SRAM) while also supporting external PSRAM and a set of expansion interfaces (I2S/UART/PWM/I2C/SDMMC/USB2.0/ SDIO, etc.) can be directly connected to sensors, off-chip Codec, etc. The RDA5981 integrates an MPU/FPU and implements hardware acceleration engines such as RSA/AES/TRNG, which can meet the requirements of various advanced security function design of IoT products to the greatest extent.