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Quality service


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Service purposes 

Quality assurance as a fundamental to technology research and development as the engine to meet customer needs as the center and efficient, high-quality delivery for the mission, forge ahead and strive for excellence. Quality first, the company will be quality control as the cornerstone of business success, adhere to the "quality first, customer satisfaction, sustainable management" quality management principles, strictly abide by the spirit of TS16949 good product of each pass. Technology-based, technology as the fundamental development, and continuously upgrade the process capability and R & D level, its technology and R & D level has now reached the domestic industry with the most advanced level. Service, we believe that the attitude of the customer, you can determine the height of business growth. Starting from the customer orders, each data, each punctuation, we require accurate. Credibility as the most important, know that quality is life, delivery is the meaning of credibility. Through careful and meticulous production, scientific management, advanced technology and efficient service, adherence to delivery agreement, the industry established a good brand reputation. 


Commitment to delivery 

Integrity of the customer is the company's business objectives, our company according to customer requirements on time delivery, strict compliance with the contract. In case of force majeure factors affect the production cycle and delivery time, our company will negotiate a friendly and settlement.


sales team 

We have a high-quality sales staff, which are managed independently by our customers. We can provide you with "one-point access, full follow-up" professional housekeeper service and business operation management for domestic customers. Familiar with English and Japanese for foreign customers. , Korean and other languages of the staff can be the first time directly with customers for barrier-free communication, so that customers are satisfied with the questions answered, save a lot of time for customers. Any questions raised by our customers will be answered within 24 hours.


Sales network 

Our market network covers the world, cooperation in Europe and the United States, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions, to improve the product system and excellent service quality, many well-known international and domestic customers praise.



Over the years, with our advanced production technology, automated manufacturing processes, high-quality workforce and scientific management, including the establishment of TCL, TP-LINK, FORYOU, BYD, Emerson, EMISON, ABSEN, WISTRON, LG, LITEON, DBG, RICON, YIDONG TECHNOLOGY, BILLION DIGITAL, Billion-technology, Sony (SONY), and other high-quality customers.